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Cycling tourism is' a movement claimed a world in constant growth. Possesses characteristics that make it unique aspects that will ensure the future success and finally, finally, growth and the attention it deserves in our country.
E ' "ethically" correct: it is a sport ecological compenetrate in the environment, which allows to know the area and live it. Moreover, it is' healthy and allenante, fun and
within everyone's reach: in fact has a reasonable cost, most people know cycling: cycling is the means used anywhere in the world.
To get an idea of the industry's potential just think that there are organizations operating at the international level, organizing trips in the five continents with a fleet of thousands of bicycles media, dozens of vehicles and organic support of hundreds of employees. Organize all travel and accommodation in Italy, the average cost of 4,000 euros per person in mid season!
Italy is for cyclists from other countries of Europe, North American states and Australia, the Mecca of cycling tourism.
The organizations would meet the demand for travel abroad in our country.
The cycling is, in the ranking of tourism "Sports", in second place (29%) among the reasons for travel to Italy after the winter sports (31%).
Still, only referring to Germany:
Bike magazine, the largest mountain bike magazine in Europe, the most widely read and in Germany, cites constantly Italian itineraries and places to visit.
One of the biggest mountain bike events in Europe, the "Bike Festival, held each year in Riva del Garda, with the participation of thousands of German rider (approx. attendance 12,000). The Italians are on average 4 / 500.
But cycling in Italy, organized by Italian companies, with few exceptions (eg Tourism Classic) is still given to the initiative and good will of individual enthusiasts and entrepreneurs rare.
Today the opportunity is given from among the first to decide to do business and invest in this sector. The risk is from being among the first to decide to do business and invest in this sector.

What entrepreneurs can invest in tourism by bike?

-Hotels and hotels,
-Villages and tourist organizations,
-Rental company,
-Individuals (and structures Bed & Breakfast).

In fact, the bicycle is a metaphor: it is often not the end of the trip, but the only way to know a place and live in harmony.
One reason to provide a complete service for its customers: the ability to relate to the proposed "bike" other interesting excursions and guided tours, culinary and wine.
Then become a landmark in the community that led to you can move (collaborations with other facilities, job creation, collaboration with local authorities, etc..).

Before speaking of the project we want to give a brief history on Carraro Cicli.
In 1906 the business began manufacturing bicycles in 1924 and Carraro Cicli born, founded by Cav. Giovanni Carrara.
Carraro today operates in a structure of 3,000 square meters located in Villafranca Padovana. The production is over 30,000 bikes per year, Carraro Group designed and implemented using the best materials and components on the market.
The production spans over Carraro variety of bicycles on the market:
city bike, children bike, running, mountain biking and triathlon.
Research and development is continuing, driven by experience and testing, the testing of athletes who use the bike Carraro compete for road and mountain biking.

The model peak, looms in the titanium-carbon high-end bikes are produced entirely in Italy.
The warranty covers three years for all the frames in the catalog, and life cover products to the peak.
Produce for the hotel to the tourism stakeholders, corporate rental, bicycles produced in line with customer requirements, considering the morphology and climate of the place of use, type of customers: enthusiasts and cyclists "occasional", or families groups and many other variables.
The production, divided into various types of media, meets the requirements in terms of models, pricing, customization, giving you:

Models-racing, mountain bike, city bike and child.
-Different types of chassis and layout, with many price ranges.
-Customizable colors, accessories, logo and trademarks.
-Producing also to specific minimum lots of achievement.

Carraro Cicli believes in spreading and growth of tourism by bicycle.
But the bike is not enough to ensure the quality and durability of the original proposal. Comes the need for logistics and organizational structure that supports the work by bicycle.

The operator requires space, equipment, knowledge to provide levels of service, secure and complete. The only way to operate profitably in the long term.
For these reasons we designed the Project Bike Hotel.

The objective is the realization of modular structures dedicated to the fans of cycling, the cyclists and all those who wish to spend your free time using the
two wheels.

This is done by transforming a structure, (including those mentioned above), or used as a part of it as a center for the bike and its practitioners.
The structure provides an ideal host and ancillary services (such as saunas, gym, swimming pool), to provide important services to the guests to complete the quality of their stay.

In addition, the solution "Holiday":

The rent-cycles in a relevant
-The funds allocated to rental,
-The Support Center and the workshop,
-L 'area for washing and cleaning,
-Were the bikes,
A center-selling products, accessories and materials for first use.

The center of the bicycle rental is located in a room or in a mobile (paddock) aimed at the indoor bike, parked on stands or supports.
The center will also provide helmets, bottles, drinks and food to complete the service of lease of means. Will also be offered and clothing accessories for sale. The provision of maps and guides of the territory and
rental itineraries complete with GPS services.
The Support Center is intended for a workshop, equipped with furniture,
bench work, tripod and all the material needed for maintenance and repair. The restaurant is bright and well ventilated to allow
replacement as often you work with solvents and spray.
The bicycles that Carraro Cicli S.r.l. proposes a wide range are designed for the hire: mountain bikes, city bikes and hybrids.

Over fifteen models, with different technical features, customizable colors and equipment.

The Support Center
The management is reserved to experienced and trained, with good relationships with customers. Establishing a relationship of trust is also the basis for proposing products also for sale: bikes and accessories.

E 'centers can also provide assistance to retailers located outside of the area or in places where the excursions are organized.
Carraro Cicli includes the organization of courses in mechanical maintenance and to train staff.
The area of washing and cleaning will be in an area adjacent to the workshop, equipped with
plumbing system, air compressor, and the precautions to discharge and dispose of liquid washing.

Were the bikes
An area (if only) for the shelter of a bike owned by the customers.

E ', preferably located near the washing area, equipped with the carrier with safety lock and lockers for personal use, for storing shoes, helmets etc.. Also available showers and a plumbing system for washing means.

The sales center, intended for exhibition and sale of bicycles, parts, apparel and accessories. E 'Run by a sales employee. The space is equipped with dressing rooms of the test. Will be accompanied to the sale, to separate from it.

Alternatively it may be replaced by a business recognized by the center. The exercise will give the customer the Holiday special trade treatment.

In summary, an integrated project, where the specific needs of the tourist, the kind of customers, the characteristics of the area are the driving factors in the definition and implementation of the structure, in the selection of bicycles and the services offered.

A project where Carraro Cicli puts his experience and his knowledge of aspects of tourism in the service of the bicycle and its customers.

The implementation of the project envisages a phased approach, with an analysis of the variables involved and the particular needs of the operator. Visits the area and travel, followed by a detailed proposal.

The project "Holiday" Carraro Cicli will be gladly at your disposal to see all the needs and define a common work plan.


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